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Manoranjan is the Gateway LitFest writer of the year. The convict-turned-rickshaw puller-turned writer is a socio-political activist. Known as the pioneer of Dalit literature in Bengali, he was nakedly illiterate…

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Is the brutal killing of Gauri Lankesh the begining of an end to freedom of writing and expression? - After Kalburgi, Dhabolkar and Pansare, noted editor Gauri Lankesh was shot dead on Tuesday evening at her Ideal Home Layout residence in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru. She was known for...
Are literary festivals stimulating reading revolution in India? - According to a recent report by IANS, there are 90 literary festivals in India and these fests have given a new fillip to reading habits. But, most of the fests...


  • A good home for books

    Source : The Hindu – SUNDAY MAGAZINE     –    Jerry Pinto     What meaning lies in any library? The truth has gone with Mehlli Gobhai, one of the finest abstractionists…

  • Language of the soul

    Source : The Tribune     WH HUDSON defines literature as ‘an expression of life through the medium of language’. Since man is the supreme creation of God, and gradually…

  • Pulitzer Prize 2019 winners announced

    April 17, 2019

    Source :  Times of India   Pulitzer Administrator Dana Canedy announced the Pulitzer Prize 2019 winners on April 15 at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, New York City….

Writer at Heart

Naman Dhawaskar Sawant is a winner of the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar in 2011 from Goa.She has publisheda collection of her essays titled ‘Muktamann’, which fetched the Utkrushta Sahitya…

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Talent Turf

P.N. Gopikrishnan, from Thrissur district of Kerala, is a notable presence in the Malayalam poetry scene. His important works include Madiyarude Manifesto, IdikkalooriPanampattadi (poetry collection), Ente Jeevithathile Ettavum Aadyathe Sthree Ettavum Avasanathe Sthreeyodu Parayunnathu (What the First Women in My life Tell to the last Woman in my life), Biriyaniyum MattuKavitthakalum (Biriyani and Other Poems), and Daivathe Maattiyezhuthumpol (essay collection). Gopikrishnan has penned scripts of movies Olipporu and Pathirakalam and many other documentaries and commentaries. He has won the Kerala Sahithya Akademi award, Ayanam-A Ayyappan award, K Damodaram award, Dr. P K Rajan award, KunjunniSmrithi award. He is a manager with Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE). Many of his poems were translated in to various Indian languages like Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi etc, and he is a regular writer in in Indian Literature, Muse India etc. Gopikrishnan is also an orator and delivered several public lectures at different Universities, colleges, cultural and public platforms on contemporary issues on culture, literature and politics.

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Interview with Speakers at GLF 2018

S. Anuradha

GLF: Being a language writer, do you think you are not getting due recognition at the national level? A. I have written my debut novel ‘The Friendless God’ in English interspersed…

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Thus Spake…

When the postcolonial Indian society for decades have crudely practiced  what sociolinguists term as ‘ subtractive bilingualism’- where the acquisition of a second language is at the cost of the first language, (more…)

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