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Director bada ya writer?

By December 13, 2016No Comments

In one of the sessions, where filmmakers Subhash Ghai, Prakash Jha and Sudhir Mishra were the speakers, a lot was discussed on writing and directing a film. The session was moderated by Deepak Mahaan, and talks revolved around how a story becomes a film. All three filmmakers said that it is the script the matters the most. Ghai said, “Even if I knew that the stories narrated to me as a kid by my grandmother are fictitious, they would still have kept me interested, because I wanted to know what would happen next. Intrigue is very important.” The topic then moved to the tussle between a writer and a director. Ghai said, “Depend karta hai bada kaun hai – writer ya director. Agar film Salim-Javed ne likhi hai, toh director zyada chhedkhani nahin karta. Agar director bada hai, toh writer thode hi changes lata hai.” Jha opined, “But a director cannot reinterpret the script. He has to go by what the script says. If he is reinterpreting the script according to his will, he is actually writing a new script.” Since all the filmmakers present on the stage have also written a few of their films, they said that making a film is very different from ideating, as “ideas don’t require money.”


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