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Literature cannot come from a privileged position: Jayanth Kaikini

By December 14, 2016No Comments

Delivering the keynote address at the inaugural function of Acharya Dharmananda Kosambi Vishwa Konkani Literary Festival organized by World Konkani Centre on Saturday, Kaikini said literature cannot come from a privileged position. “Literature comes from restlessness, vulnerability and naked space of the underprivileged,” he said adding most great names in literature have all hailed from impoverished backgrounds and their status has reflected in their work.

Literature has helped mankind evolve. “Life is very much like a game of snakes and ladders. Literature has helped humans overcome adversity (climb ladders) that snakes such as superstition, illiteracy, religious bigotry have constantly aimed to pull down,” he said adding it is only literature or arts that can help humans from sliding to Stone Age. One must also understand that it is language that saves humanity and not the other way round as is widely perceived, he noted.


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