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Urdu not the language of any particular section: Azmi

By September 22, 2017No Comments


New Delhi, Sep 21 (PTI) Veteran actor Shabana Azmi is happy that youngsters are taking initiatives to learn Urdu today as she believes the language is not limited to any particular section.

Azmi, who launched poet-singer Minu Bakshi’s “Mauj-e- Saraab: Waves of Illusion” here last evening, hopes the language will continue to thrive.

“Urdu is a language that we all speak on everyday basis.

It should not be considered the language of a particular section.

“I feel very happy when I see youngsters participating in festivals like Jashn-e-Rekhta. They might not be well-versed with the language but they want to learn and listen to Urdu.

It gives me hope that this language will stay forever,” she said.

“Mauj-e-Saraab: Waves of Illusion” is a collection of Urdu ghazals, exploring themes of life, love and gender.

Published by Rupa, the book is a figurative expression of the author’s journey from the body to the soul.

“Urdu has always been the language of the heart and its foundation rests on the tenets of love. And because the Ghazal as a literary form grew to maturity under the benign protection of sufis, the tendrils of love and passion ventured deep into its medium,” Bakshi said.

Source : PTI

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