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President lauds contributions of Bengali Literature

By January 15, 2016No Comments


President Pranab Mukherjee, while inaugurating the 88th All India Bengali Literary Conference recently in Ranchi, lauded the contributions of Bengali literature to the Indian scoeity.

“In the past, Bengali literature has played a crucial role in awakening social consciousness and eradicating social evils, showing the society the path to live a better life. Even during the freedom struggle, Bengali literature motivated Indian revolutionaries in their struggle to free the country,” the President said.

Going down the memory lane, Mr Mukherjee talked about his three decade long association with the Conference as Chairman before assuming the office of President of India. He recalled his visit to Jamshedpur in 1988 to take part in the one of the previous sessions.

“Bengali literature had a great impact on the political scenario as well as the Indian freedom struggle. The contribution of poet Nazrul Islam is as great Rabindranath Tagore when it comes to the way they moulded the society with their literary works,” Mukherjee said.

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