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‘Prabuddha Bharata’ turns longest-running monthly English magazine

By February 2, 2018No Comments

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Kolkata: Ramakrishna Mission’s ‘Prabuddha Bharata’ has stepped into its 123th year, making it the “longest-running” monthly English magazine of the country.

“We feel inspired that Prabuddha Bharata has stepped into its 123 years of continuous publication, making it the longest-running English magazine of the country,” the Mission quoted Swami Narasimhananda as saying in a release on Tuesday.


Contrary to impressions that readership of serious magazines are on the decline, it has a growing global presence with regular subscribers in 23 countries, the release said.

“Over the years, Prabuddha Bharata has inspired and shaped the thinking of many. At one time, Mahatma Gandhi used to eagerly wait for every issue of the Journal. Dr S Radhakrishnan used to read every issue of this Journal with great interest,” it said.

The magazine has an online version as well. PTI



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