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‘One should never have regrets’

By February 2, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

When she started writing her now extremely popular column O-Zone for The Times of India, senior journalist Vinita Dawra Nangia had little idea about what her musings would develop into. Some of her most memorable writings have made it to the third compilation of her column titled, Are You Making the Most of Life , published by Times Group Books, which was released by writer and columnist Shobhaa De during the JLF on Sunday.


“I had thought of a title for my column even before I started writing. Most of the time I write about things that tease my mind, existential questions, decisions people make, etc. and I examine these issues from my perspective. I don’t, however, answer these questions for others. I pick up my topics from conversations, observing other people, my day to day life, etc.,” she said.

The pressure of writing a regular column, Nangia said, has helped her become more disciplined and spiritually evolved.

On the title of her book, Nangia said that people can make the most of their lives when they find the purpose of their lives. “There is a difference between living your life and living it to its full potential. In case of setbacks, one must reassess and re-inspire oneself. One should never have regrets,” she said.
Nangia says that it is essential for one to get out of their comfort zones to be able to live well.

“There are certain milestones one covers through life, like school, job, etc. This is a life lived. One that is well lived is that in which ordinary things are done in an extraordinary way,” she explained.


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