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Ted Gervan, director of education administration at Vancouver Film School, tells you what it takes for an Indian student to get admission at their school

Tell us about Vancouver Film School.

Think of us like any major entertainment conglomerate that creates content across a range of industries. We function like a studio with multiple production facilities that are essential for creating content for film, TV, games, animation, design, digital applications, and more. Content creation is our core learning tool. We place our education in outstanding facilities with master instructors and mentors, and we regularly update and realign curriculum to be in step with the most current industry standards.

How does an Indian student need to do to get admission at VFS?

We are one of the best private schools in Canada. So for some it can be a little intimidating at first for students. But we are looking for creativity in a student. He doesn’t have to necessarily submit a near perfect grammatically correct essay. We are looking for a student who can tell a story and have some sort of portfolio to showcase his work.

But an Indian student applying for an undergraduate programme need not necessarily have a portfolio. What does he do?

When it comes to a writing course, the work need not be a published. But when it comes to gaming, we do want to see some examples of code and a document explaining it.

What is the calibre that you are looking for?

We always tell students we are not a graduate programme. We are a programme for people who are looking for working in the industry, not for hobbyists.

What about education in India?

The good thing about globalisation is that the students in India are aware and watching the same movies and TV that the rest are. Every one speaks the same creative language. The good thing that they want to bring in their take and cultures on the shows they are enjoying. So the students who are coming to us are much more prepared now than they were 10 years back.


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