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Doyen of Dogri poetry, Padma Sachdev feels alienated in Jammu

By April 20, 2018No Comments

Source : The Tribune


Jammu, April 19 : The doyen of Dogri poetry, Padma Sachdev, whose lullaby for her brother caught melody queen Lata Mangeshkar’s attention and later became the first-ever Dogri song sung by her, today is a hurt and sad woman.

“The Dogras have lost their roots due to demographic changes which have been allowed by the successive political class,” said Padma Sachdev, 78, who is presently staying in Jammu.

Lamenting the changing environment of Jammu, Padma said she felt alien in the city which once was a power centre of the Dogra empire.

“A writer, poet or any artist when he or she reaches a particular age limit, he/she wants to go back to the roots. For me, Jammu has become an alien land. Where should I go?” said Padma.

“The city was once centre of power and culture in north India but not anymore. Wherever you go, it’s difficult to find a Dogra. Even the language, culture and traditions we follow are different and adopted,” she said.

In her latest poetry collection, “Laladiyan” (Monsoon insects), Padma has glorified Jammu’s composite culture of love, brotherhood and integrity of yesteryears when the community members used to assemble at various places in the small town of Jammu to discuss various issues, including politics, art and culture.

At present, Padma is writing a sonnet, but says it would be her last composition for the people of Jammu.

Born in Jammu in 1940, she has to her credit 10 anthologies of poetry, three collections of interviews, five novels, three collections of short stories, two travelogues, an autobiographical book, an epic on the life of people during the past 60 years besides a host of translations and other works.

A recipient of 19 state, nation and international awards, she cherishes having received the Dogra Ratna Award in 2004 besides the Maharaja Gulab Singh Award in 2007.



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