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Celebrating Chhattisgarh’s rich literature

By October 10, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

Arz Kia Hai Raipur is hosting a literary meetup wherein people from different walks of life will come together to celebrate Chhattisgarh’s rich literature. The meetup on October 7 at City Centre Mall, Pandri at 3 pm will be having these the following highlights:

Aalam~e~Raipur: This is featuring up to 10 best creations as per the entries. Participants will be allowed to speak up for five mins each.

Arz kia hai guru: A session by an established writer on a literature topic Bigwig and shypod interaction: Interaction between established writers and budding writers about their problems and discussion on various aspects of literature.

Book launch/announcements/fun/music and entertainment:

Urmila Devi Urmi – A writer, social worker and receiver of national and international awards in Hindi literature. She is one of the prominent women writers from the Chhattisgarh. She will be talking about blending different “rasas” into one creation to make it more interesting and will be taking up questions on pain points of the readers and writers.

Arpit Agarwal, the author of book “Take my heart forever” and “Dear life get well soon” – will tell you about how to “Use humour in story”.

According to a press release shared by one of the conveners Utkarsh Garg, “Arz kia Hai is a pan India based community of literature enthusiasts. While an established writer is getting a dedicated audience for their content and supply of fresh ideas from young generation they also work collaboratively on social issues which need a prime attention. Their aim is not go just create awareness but to pay ways to the solution on grounds of literature.”


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