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WWF-India launches first-ever nature-themed comic book

By July 5, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

Aiming to foster love for the nature and raise awareness about its protection among children, the WWF-India has launched its first-ever comic book that also celebrates the geographical diversity of the country.


The Great Indian Nature Trail with Uncle Bikky follows the travels of its protagonists Uncle Bikky, Chunmun and their dog Duggu as they learn about wildlife across India, and uses a humorous approach towards raising knowledge and awareness for wildlife protection and conservation.

“The series is as diverse biologically as it is geographically, sending Bikky and Chunmun to different corners of India, right from Hemis in the extreme north in pursuit of the elusive snow leopard, to the southernmost islands in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago in search of the Megapode and the Dugong.

“An assortment of facts and quizzes at the end of each comic brings to the reader’s notice some unique features about the subjects of the particular story, and inculcates an admiration for India’s natural and geographical diversity,” the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), India said in a statement.

Divided into over 16 chapters, the book has been the joint work of Rohan Chakravarty and Bijal Vachharajani.

“In each chapter, the duo head off either to a remote location in pursuit of rare wild animals that not many people are familiar with, or to their own backyards to spot some common but ignored wildlife. The series aims to instill love for nature, adventure and exploration in the mind of a young reader, as well as a sense of pride and compassion for all things wild, and particularly the natural heritage of India,” it said.

The book was launched by Bikram Grewal, eminent ornithologist and author, and Ravi Singh, Secretary and CEO, WWF-India, followed by a meet and greet, and book signing with the authors, Rohan Chakravarty and Bijal Vachharajani on June 22.

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