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Writers call for ‘literary exchanges’ through translation of regional literature

By December 11, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

At a time when some vernacular languages are being “threatened” by the gaining popularity of a foreign language, Nepali and Indian writers on Saturday called for greater “literary exchange” through translations of their literature and writing into regional languages for strengthening mutual collaborations.

They also emphasised on the need of promoting sub-continental languages within the region to showcase the high heritage and cultural exchanges of Nepali and other languages.

“Because of the technological development in the present and coming days, local languages are being taken over gradually by some of the international languages. We are proud of local languages – be it Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Assamese. We have to promote these regional languages by creating mutual collaborations with each and every community,” said Bharat Kumar Regmi, Charge d’Affairs of Embassy of Nepal in India.

Governments in the regions should also concentrate on use of regional and local languages as a medium of communications for public purposes, he said, adding that literature written in a local or regional language should be translated into other regional languages.

“Currently, number of translation of these literature is nominal and it needs to be improved,” he said.

Inaugurating the third International Nepali Literary Symposium here, Nepal Academy’s Chancellor Ganga Prasad Uprety said, “New global scenario created new challenges to the region and regional identity on literature culture and civilisation is in danger. Our identity should be addressed collectively so that we can save and update our identity.”

“There is a need to exchange literature through translation,” Uprety said

Rabindra Bharati University’s former Vice Chancellor Pabitra Sarkar said all the regional languages except one or two are being “threatened” by a world language – English.

He also called for exchanges of regional literature.

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