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What I’m looking forward to at JLF this year

By January 20, 2019No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times – BRUNCH

Five authors on what each of them is most excited about at “the lit fest” this year


1. Science of life

“I’m looking forward to the inaugural session, The Role of Science in Today’s World, because we need new innovations in science and technology to tackle major challenges our planet faces today.”

– Abhay K., author of The Eight-eyed Lord of Kathmandu and The Seduction of Delhi


2. The newer voice

“Poetry is always given an amazing platform at Jaipur. This year I look forward to reading with Zeina Hashem Beck, Kaveh Akbar, Ben Okri and Ruth Padel.”

– Tishani Doshi, author of Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods and Everything Begins Elsewhere


3. Intriguing feminism

“While I’m excited to have my new book launched at JLF and I’m looking forward to hearing Jeffrey Archer, Yann Martel, Reshma Qureshi and Benyamin. I’m eagerly awaiting the session Beyond The Female Eunuch with Germaine Greer.”

– Meghna Pant, author of Feminist Rani and One & a Half Wife


4. The fun route

“I’ve always been attracted to nonsense poems and Edward Lear was always a favourite. So eagerly looking forward to Mr. Lear and the Life of Art and Nonsense. I think we need some ‘nonsense’ back in our lives. We’ve just become too serious about life.”

– Rana Safvi, author of City of My Heart: Accounts of Love, Loss and Betrayal in Nineteenth Century Delhi and The Forgotten Cities of Delhi: Book Two in the Where Stones Speak trilogy


5. Fighting demons

“The session I’m really looking forward to is Manisha Koirala’s session, Healed. She has written a book by the same name about her journey fighting out the emperor of all maladies – cancer. Whether it is a mental illness or a physical one, battles are similar, and the sheer resilience it takes to conquer one’s demons or ailments is truly a magnificent achievement. I would take it to my heart what she says.”

– Shabri Prasad Singh, author of Borderline

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