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UNESCO Cities of Literature gathering to be hosted by Norwich & Nottingham next year

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A global gathering of the UNESCO Cities of Literature is to be held in the May 2019. To attend this gathering, the leaders, cultural leaders of course, from all the 28 Cities of Literature right now will be coming to Norwich and Nottingham. These two cities are themselves the part of UNESCO Cities of Literature Network. The event will go on for one week and various activities will be carried out through the week.

This event is supposed to be a big boost for the art and literature fraternity as it will be bringing together writers and other artists on a single platform to ensure that the exchange of ideas and artistic collaboration could be coming out! As the cities of literature are there, various leaders from the UNESCO cities of film, media, music and design will also be there attending the event to ensure maximum productivity could come out of the gathering of the like-minded minds.

The writers and literary persons and all other enthusiasts in Norwich and Nottingham are more than excited to be the hosts of the coming year event. They are hoping that such a grand occasion will be vital for them to show to the world cultural leaders that they have got many things to be let known by the world. Also, they are excited to have the opportunity to be the catalyst for the artists and writers coming together and making good things – exchange of ideas and other things – happen.

Looking into the financial side of the events, the creative cities of UK are supposed to generate around £2.4m in a year via their association with UNESCO. As we reported earlier, UNESCO has, till the date, awarded the City of Literature status to 28 cities of the world. It is highly important that we pay heed to literary needs and we recognise the places where literature can prosper leaps and bounds and show other places a way out!

We will keep tracking as the schedule and details of the event are out!


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