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Twinkle Khanna tells us which is her favourite book

By January 7, 2019No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

Author and film producer Twinkle Khanna talks about the books that she loves and that inspire her.

Twinkle Khanna was the highest selling female author of 2018, for her book Pyjamas are Forgiving. She is funny, fun, and feisty. Her one liners and writings are quite popular, but what books are popular with her? Find out here:

A book that changed your life and how?

I don’t think it was any one book. The best part about being a reader is the fact that you have so many voices inside your head both of the living and of the long dead. I would say that being a reader of science fiction probably influenced my ideologies rather firmly.

Which is your favourite book?

The Little Prince because more than a children’s book, it is an allegory of love and loneliness.

A book that inspired you to be an author?

There are books that I read like A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman or anything by Alice Munro and bang my head on my window in despair because I cannot write like them. And then I read a whole spate of popular writers, I won’t name them, and instantly feel better about my own writing.

What’s your writing corner?

Virginia Woolf said that in order to write, a woman must have a room of her own. I don’t have a room or at least not one with a door I can lock. I have a grey desk in one corner of the living room and each time the kids make too much noise or people put the television on , I plug in a pair of headphones and listen to white noise to block out all the din – the chugging of a washing machine, even the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and write away.

How do you come over the writer’s block?

A deadline is the biggest wrecking ball to any sort of writer’s block. Luckily my six years as a columnist have ensured a disciplined writing routine where you just write through the quintessential writer’s block and fifteen hundred words later discover that it has in fact disappeared.

Who is your muse?

I don’t have one but by spending enough time at my desk I ensure that even if the muse is on its way to someone else I am around to waylay it and drag it back to my desk .

A mantra that you live by…

Sometimes you need to see things upside down to see if they are the right side up.

What inspires you?

I find working in my garden very therapeutic, a lot of my best ideas come when I am busy pruning my beloved tomato vines·

A social media rule you swear by?

I am sure my family would be happy if I had any rules,let alone ones I swear by.

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