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The road ahead for LGBTQI community

By October 29, 2018No Comments

Source : The Hindu

BENGALURU : What lies ahead for the LGBTQI community now that the Supreme Court has decriminalised homosexuality? At the BLF on Sunday, as many argued for civil rights of marriage and divorce as the next step, Kannada writer and LGBTQ activist Vasudhendra questioned the need to “ape heterosexual norms”.

On the other hand, journalist Aatish Taseer, who is married to his gay partner, said marriage does not mean “surrender”, but a “normalisation”.

On the road ahead, Mr. Vasudhendra said there was a crying need to make a knowledge base that talks about the LGBTQI lifestyle in a healthy way, accessible in regional languages such as Kannada. “There is absolutely no literature available in regional languages, leading to gaps in knowledge and social acceptance,” he said, and called upon those from the community to write about their experience in their mother tongue or get it translated into regional languages.

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