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The bond with Ruskin: Chandigarhians talk about the legendary writer

By November 28, 2017No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

Ruskin Bond is in City Beautiful for Chandigarh literati-2017 where he will be honoured with a lifetime achievement award.


As writer Ruskin Bond comes to town for the annual Literati, a literature festival in Chandigarh, that begins on Saturday, we ask people in the city about what they find special about the legendary writer, who will be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the fest

‘Part of our reading consciousness‘

“His characters have a strong cinematic quality. He has always been part of our reading consciousness when we were growing up. How he creates his characters is amazing,” said thespian Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry.

‘Works appeal to all’

Storyteller Deeptha Vivekanand said, “I love all of Ruskin Bond’s works, His works appeal to the young and old alike. It is fascinating as my six-year-old son and I both read his works. He has been able to cut across generations and this is rare.”

‘Nuanced tales’

“I first met Ruskin Bond when I was a child forty years ago. I loved his stories then, I love them now. There is no one who describes the hills as well as he does. His stories are nuanced. I guess that’s the secret of his longevity,” PU professor Deepti Gupta said.

‘Always carry a Ruskin Bond’

Theatre director Zubin Mehta said, “I can smell the hills in his writing. I always carry a Ruskin Bond book when I’m travelling. I’ve adapted his ‘The Blue Umbrella’ for a play.I hope to ride to Mussoorie to meet him once.”

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