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Source : The Pioneer

Bhopal | Monday, 06 August 2018 : Swami Vivekananda Library has become a new stop for the young readers of the city. Every Sunday under a regula series, the library launches new collection of books for those who are reading freaks.

Here on Sunday, the library launched a collection of 30 books. The books are fiction and non-fiction. Some of the books that are launched in the new collection include Life Over 2 Beers and Other Stories, The Mogul, Monsters The Shadow Warriors and more.

Life over Two Beers and Other Stories is a book written by Sanjeev Sanyal. This is a collection of stories. The title story is the story of a young man, who, after losing his job, tries to resurrect his life. The Mogul is a book written by Venom Dhamija. This is a fiction, this story is of love Bedi which is very amusing and with whom all are afraid. That’s 2000 crores business. There is a storm in his life when he is accused of murdering his ex-wife.

Monsters The Shadow Warriors is the book of Rajiv Menon and this book is the second episode of the Vedic Trilogy. In this, Narka and his Asura go on destroying every great country coming in their roads and now their eyes are on the greatest country Bharat. These Powers of Conflict is a book by Avela Langer, who has worked as a journalist in the North East, details of tribal groups, separatist groups, drugs and illicit taxation in North East.

Manager of the library Yatish Bhatele said, in addition to fiction in the library, non-fiction is also preferred. Periodically it is tried that every book of the subject should be included in the Library. The library has 90% of the books included on all subjects till date.

New collections are displayed every Sunday.

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