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Sunshine on her desk: ‘The Sunlight Plane’ writer Damini Kane talks about her writing experience

By February 1, 2019No Comments

Source : The New Indian Express

While the cool breeze and patriotic hues enveloped the Hyderabad, the young author, Damini Kane, who was in the city, obliged for a quick interview.



HYDERABAD: While the cool breeze and patriotic hues enveloped the Hyderabad, the young author, Damini Kane, who was in the city, obliged for a quick interview. Damini, is a 23-year old writer hailing from Mumbai with a bachelor’s degree in History. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in migration studies from the University of Sussex.

“I have been coming up with stories since I was six years old. I have always loved reading, I remember calling up my mother and she would be busy with a lot of work and used talk about the stories in my mind. I took to writing seriously and started practising at the age of 11 and then I stopped for a few years and began writing again at the age of 15, since then I have not stopped,” she shares the vivid memories of her early days of writing.

The author also shares her experiences in novel writing. “‘The Sunlight Plane’ is the first novel that’s published and there are two other I have written before that but I have decided not to go forward and publish them”. She finished her first draft in six months and kept on editing and revising it until it finally hit the stores after four years. “Every day I used to wake up at 4 am, write for a while and leave for college,” she says about her writing routine.

“Every stage had its challenges. Publishing part was a bit difficult. Because when you publish your first novel and you get several rejection letters and it hits on your heart but you have to stay brave and that is a part of the journey, I’m happy that it happened and I am looking forward to more rejection letters,” she chuckles adding, “As for the favourite aspect of my writing process I would say, writing about friendship between the two characters with moments of high drama coupled with pain and sadness.”

“Keep practising. Don’t be satisfied with what you create, and always believe you can do better,” is what I say for the aspiring writers”, Damini, adds a few words of wisdom.

When asked about her perspective on the daunting ‘Writer’s Block’ she responds, “I don’t believe in its existence. I believe you can get a burn-out after some extensive writing and feel the need for a break, but I think ‘Writer’s block’ is just an excuse for not being able to figure out what’s wrong with your story.”

She has also been learning painting and sketching for over a year and is always excited about the art forms. “I also enjoy going on wildlife safaris a lot as it rejuvenates me a lot,” she adds about her interests apart from writing.

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