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Spilling the beans

By November 30, 2017No Comments

Source : The Asian Age

Anita Kumar, who has come up with a brilliant book exploring confessions over coffee, talks about what inspires her.

Anita Kumar

Finding your own truth,  without letting the norms of the society dictate it to you, is one the most important things according to Anita Kumar who has recently penned “Cappuccino Confessions”.

Kumar’s previous books —  “Turning the page” and “The Divine Light” have explored spirituality, while “Delhi: Anything Goes” was her debut novel. Her latest book discusses homosexuality and infidelity through an unconventional mother-daughter relationship. “The core message of the book is to be oneself and to find your own truth, without letting the norms of the society dictate it to you. You have to follow your own voice,” she says.

Talking about the theme of the book, she adds, “Everyone has to make a certain effort in order to be themselves. It is important to believe in oneself. I think that’s of uttermost importance.”

Where did she find inspiration for this book, she reveals,  “Every book I’ve written so far is derived from life experiences and the people I meet. The oppression and suppression women encounter in their lives owing to societal norms and the values instilled by their mothers, motivated me as well. It was important for me to bring the heroic nature of women out in the open, who have otherwise been trapped in compromising situations. My job is to write and get my message across to the world. The rest is fate. I don’t think the timing matters, as what you write matters so much more.”


She further adds, “I hope the youth is as open to it as I am. And I hope it encourages them to find themselves and live up to their dreams. Usually, my stories  begin by launching the characters in difficult and challenging situations and then manoeuvring them into a space of personal and spiritual fulfillment. I like to believe that I’m an artist.”

She has also been a calligrapher since the age of 11, “I taught calligraphy in Delhi from the age of 22. I was the very first calligraphy teacher in Delhi in 1988. I primarily construct Oms and Ganesh figures on paper. The two, art and writing, go hand in hand for me. This book is about friendship, marriage, affairs and love. But more than all of that, it is about the journey every individual has to take to reach a point of happiness in their lives,” she continues.

Nothing happens without putting in efforts and this story too exhibits how two women, lost in their own problems, find their destinies. When asked about the title she replies, “Well, most of the conversations in the book take place in a cafe between all the characters. And they spill all their secrets over those cups of coffee. In fact, not just two friends, but even the mother in the book and other interesting characters, somehow, end up sharing their secrets over coffee. Hence, this title.”

Ask her about her target audience, and she adds, “There is no specific target. It is for the ones who are not sure of themselves, the ones hoping for some validation, wanting to be themselves but too scared to take the first step. It is for the frightened and the brave. It is for everyone.”

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