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Soha Ali Khan opens up about her debut novel

By December 8, 2017No Comments

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“The Perils of Being Moderately Famous” is Soha Ali Khan’s debut book and she shares her experiences on raised up in a family of celebrities and how she handled it.

“Writing a personal memoir like this was very interesting for me as I’ve talked about things like working in an industry like this (Bollywood), being compared to my mother or my brother, why I chose to get into films, what it’s like to be me, to belong to a family of superstars, not really be in that league but not to be entirely anonymous… How people know who you are but they really know who you are because of who you are related to.
It has a frustrating side to it, and then you can even laugh at it and embrace it as an identity. I think I’ve tried to do the latter,” says Soha, a royal princess.

“I think it’s especially (about) living in India where fan following for cricket and films is massive, and the fact that really both my parents have excelled in their chosen fields. I’m certainly a working actor and have lots of things going on, but I think the comparison comes in with someone like my father and mother who have been superstars in their fields” she added.

“My book has a chapter ‘Big Shoes, Small Feet’. For me, those shoes are impossibly large to fill. And I do have small feet. So, beyond a point, it’s not even something you are trying to do,” quipped Soha, who is confident her humorous streak will find its fans.

She hopes her debut book, published by Penguin India, will clear up people’s misconceptions about her.

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