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Searching inspiration through the eyes of a poet

By December 8, 2017No Comments

Source : The Asian Age




Aishwarya T. Anish, who belongs to Kerala, has always loved to write. The Crescent Smile is her first book of poetry.

When did the idea for the book germinate? Does inspiration strike you at the oddest of moments or places?
I draw inspiration from everyday life. It can happen anywhere, be it when I’m hanging on for life in a crowded bus, compromising my personal space, in a market place or in the silent serenity of the beach, inspiration is that spark that sends the mind into mayhem and churns it to create something new.

Which genre draws you the most as a reader and a writer?
Be it Hafiz, Neruda or Wordsworth, poetry is my favourite genre, perhaps because my first literary work was a poem and even before my first story it was a lullaby or poem I listened to.

One fictional character close to your heart and why?
Tony Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye’ introduced me to Pecola and her life changed my perception about beauty. Pecola is a victim of not just racism and violence, but she was victimised most by women. Being called undesirable and ugly can be torturous for most girls and Pecola’s endearing story is a reminder of the perversions of society.


What is your antidote for writer’s block?
There is no better antidote to writer’s block than a trip for inspiration. A simple walk around town or a quiet hour in solitude could break the stress and shovel away through writer’s block for me.

Which book do you keep revisiting time and again?
An all-time favorite is ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts. ‘Shantaram’ has shown me more India than I have seen with my own eyes. Leopold’s language, Karla’s expressions at life make an unforgettable and often addictive read.


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