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‘Samarpan’ , an elegant mix of nature and literature

By December 12, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

NAGPUR: ‘Samarpan’, a book written by poetess Sana Pandit, that enhances poetry with metaphors from nature, was assessed and praised at a programme titled ‘Lekhak Tumchya Bhetila’, organized at Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh (VSS) on Thursday.

The programme was part of ‘Granthacharcha’ being held once in every two months at VSS to reminisce the literary works of writers and poets in their presence.

The speakers talked about how the poems written by Sana are not only a reflection of her independent yet feminine
personality but also how they represent the kind of literature that has been lost somewhere in today’s age.

‘Samarpan’, which means surrender, is also the aspect of the book that received praise from the critiques. A number of poems on life, love, loss, emotions and relationships have been written in this book, most of them decorated with metaphors inspired by nature.

Shubhada Fadnavis, a renowned name in the literary field, said, “Sana has beautifully put forth a simple yet strong truth of life through a mere leaf fallen from a tree — that life ends in the matter of a single moment. It’s like she has become that leaf and seen through it while writing the poem.

Vasudha Vaidya said the book is rich in content and the lyrics are rhythmic that gives a soothing effect. Sana has the knack of elaborating the subject matter in less words which is creditable.

Ashutosh Aloni said, “It is rare these days to read writings of such calibre where you find spirituality in poetry. Her poems have gone beyond the ordinary.”

The speakers mentioned a number of poems like ‘Kshan’, ‘Bhukamp’, ‘Paangal’, ‘Vasant’, ‘Grahan’ and ‘Aai haravli aahe’ that touched hearts.

Sana’s first collection of poems was ‘Manva’. ‘Samarpan’, her second book, was published in June this year. The book also has narrative pictures which are descriptive of the emotions expressed in her poetry.

Interspersing in between, Sana said that her writing was inspired by her grandmother. She took questions from the audience after comments from the dignitaries. She thanked Bhau Gandale for drawing pictures that matched the theme of the book.

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