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Source : The Pioneer

Bhopal |Friday, 22 June 2018 : While addressing the third day of Graduate Grooming Workshop held in Maulana Azad Central Library on Thursday story teller and corporate trainer Nidhi Agarwal said that reading books can never bore you.

“Reading a book is like treasure hunt which will never bore you”, says Nidhi. In this workshop organized by Civil Services Club, famous story teller and corporate trainer Nidhi Agrawal taught the graduates the ability to read the book.

Around 200 graduates from various cities participated in this workshop organized at 7 am.

The IIM graduate started her workshop with a story of three princes in a trouble and how they overcome it. After the story she explained the meaning of the term Serenity and the story behind Sri Lanka’s name. She said that by reading the stories in this manner one can not only improve the vocabulary but also develop the knowledge, imagination and creativity.

The interesting session lasted for 2 hours, as she narrated such five stories and made the participants do many exercises.

Interacting with the participants Nidhi gave some tips on Reading Skills and improving them. She said that reading like a treasure hunt which will never bore a person.

Every page os a book is interesting and brings something exciting.

She said that “Reading is a kind of meditation. Those who are tired of reading the book, actually understand reading as a work. The way food and gold are not working, it is not a work, but it is your basic need, if you accept it while reading, you will feel reading is meditation, after which you are not tired but completely refreshed.”

She also said that Book Clubs are Reading Ecosystem.

“If you want to be a good reader, then immediately become a member of a book club, or with your two four friends, make your book club. So that it will become your reading files where you will be able to know about new books, which will be able to discuss what is read and understand.”

“Create your book timeline; update your reading list every day, know the settings of the book before reading, experience the book and do go by book reviews,” such tips were given by Nidhi.

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