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Punekars reinventing storytelling through audiobooks, one voice at a time

By June 11, 2018No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

Marathi audiobooks have slowly started to gain popularity among Punekars for its language, diction and professional approach

Marathi Audio Books

For compere and artist Sudhir Gadgil, Marathi audiobooks have always been a medium to introduce veteran and celebrated authors to the new generation. Gadgil admits to have benefitted the most from these audiobooks and said, “I learnt the tricks of compering, use of language, professionalism and so much more from audiobooks. I have passed on my collection of audiobooks to my family. The idea is to inculcate the habit of listening to it. It is one of the most convenient mediums to ‘read’ as all you have to do is pay attention.”


Umesh Kamat

The celebrity compere added that audiobooks have the potential to become a teaching tool for the new generation. “Authors such as Gajānan Digambar Mādguḷkar and Pu La Deshpande can be introduced the next generation through audio books. Not everyone is interested in reading and audiobooks help reach this audience. You can even play it in the car while travelling and is a very convenient way to access Marathi literature. I have actually seen this trend in places abroad, where families play Marathi audiobooks for their children in their cars,” added Gadgil.

Umesh Kamat, an actor, has also lent his voice for an audio book, titled Drushtimitra buddy, which is the story of a man and a dog.

“I think Marathi audiobooks have the potential to be explored and experimented with. I took up the assignment because I loved the script and found it extremely touching. I wanted to give it a shot. The process was tough and I tried my best. It was challenging as I had to work only with my voice. It was an interesting experiment,” said Umesh.

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