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PLF 2019: Three-day fest aims to bring various Indian languages on one platform

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Source : D N A


The second edition of the three-day Parallel Literature Festival 2019 (PLF) started at the Ravindra Manch in Jaipur on Sunday.

The event brings together a congregation of writers and poets of various Indian languages on one platform to deliberate on their works.

The sessions are being held in venues named as Bheeshma Sahani, Rangey Raghav, Kanhaiya Lal Setia, Raag Darbari and Nagarjun.

Issues of contemporary times, renowned literary works along with Hindi and Urdu poetry were among the subjects discussed during the Fest.

Chief coordinator of the festival, Ishmadhu Talwar welcomed the writers and literature lovers.

He said that while the PLF is not opposed to any language, because every language is human language, it is against the domination of English as a language.

Explaining the concept of parallel literature festival Talwar said, “The concept comes from France where at a point art galleries would not accommodate works of poor artists. As a mark of protest the artists would paint on the walls of the streets. Parallel is neither big nor small it means walking side by side.”

PLF was launched in 2018 on a modest scale and moves on to a larger canvas this year. The three day PLF will continue till 29 January.

Speaking at the inauguration, Rajasthan convenor Rituraj said that the a small boat has turned into a ship within a span of a year. “PLF18 had 34 sessions while PLF19 has 112 sessions,” he said.


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