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Source : The Pioneer

Cinestaan India’s Storytellers Script Contest brings good news for closet writers. With a winning prize of  Rs 25 lakh, the going can’t get better than this, says SHALINI SAKSENA

Is there a story that you want to tell but never had the opportunity to? Fret not. Here is a game changer for all closet writers. Actor Aamir Khan, director Raju Hirani and screenwriters Juhi Chaturvedi and Anjum  Rajabali are on the jury of Cinestaan India’s Storytellers Script Contest, launched by Cinestaan Digital Pvt  Ltd. With a total prize money of Rs 50 lakh, the best script shall be given Rs 25 lakh.

The contest aims to encourage all those who write to do so unabashedly. It is a humble attempt at giving a platform to storytellers to showcase their talent. As for rules, there is a deadline to submit the entry as well as rules and regulations mentioned on the website.

Anjum Rajabali, chairperson of the jury, tells you that there will be zero tolerance towards plagiarism. “This contest is to encourage writers with an original thought process; writers who don’t copy, cheat but write with honesty,” he says.

The contest, which opened on October 15, 2017, will accept entries till January 15, 2018. The contest is open to all age groups. This is because organisers wanted to keep the storytelling as inclusive as possible.

“It is imperative that Indian screenwriting takes the leap to the next level and grows. Indian cinema desperately needs great scripts, and this contest should take us one step closer to that goal,” Rajabali explains.

The jury will look for original ideas. The stories have to be set in a milieu that the author can authentically write about. The plot should be interesting and believable.

Second, it is important that the script has a tight structure to bring out the dramatic impact. Well-written scenes and dialogues with an accent on brevity will be under the scanner.

Third, people should write about what they already know, or research it and get to know about it enough to write with some conviction.

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