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Source : The Hindu

From literary pieces to social and political articles, ‘Kadhai Solli’ covers a wide range of topics

‘Kadhaisolli:’ a quarterly, published by “Pothigai – Porunai – Karisal,” 4/359 Sri Chaitanya Avenue, Anna Salai, Palavakkam, Chennai 600 041 (email:


When technological advancements and intense competition are posing huge challenges to the world of print, it is not easy to run and sustain a literary periodical. ‘Kadhaisolli,’ a quarterly Tamil journal, is one such publication that deserves attention of all.

The latest issue (Vol no. 33) has a right mix of literary pieces and socio-political articles.

A column by K.S. Radhakrishnan narrates the story of a charitable institution, engaged in providing free meals to the people of Lingampatti, a village near Ettayapuram, which is the birthplace of Subramania Bharati.

A short story, translated from Telugu, deals with the dilemma of an individual while coping with floods in the Godavari river and how he saves his belongings from getting looted amidst the natural calamity.

Balakrishnan Pitchaiah’s comparative study brings out, in a perceptive way, the approach of Ku.Pa. Rajagopalan and N. Pitchamurthi, towering literary figures of yesteryear, in their works, to the subject of platonic relationship.

A complex short story, written by Sarathy, essentially handles, in a nuanced manner, the gynaecological disorder and the consequent psychological problem that a woman has been suffering. The twist in the tale is her husband treats her gently, sensing the problem, even though he was not told about the disorder at the time of wedding. There are also poems in the issue, including those by Vikramadityan.

“Kadhaisolli” offers a refreshing change to those looking for something new amidst the overwhelming pile of stale content circulated on electronic and social media. The magazine’s editor is veteran writer Ki. Rajanarayanan.

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