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GLF: Being a language writer, do you think you are not getting due recognition at the national level?
A. I write in English, but my greatest desire is to be translated in different Indian languages

GLF: Can literature influence social life? Do you think a writer should be socially responsible?
A. Literature is very influential, but what is important is that a writer writes something that touches people… Whether or not that is socially responsible is a different question

GLF: Can literary festivals make progressive changes to the language literature?
A. Yes – it’s important to have literary festivals which bring together writers in different languages

GLF: Did you ever felt ill-treated or deprived of your due for being a writer in vernacular languages (vis-Ã -vis the so called mainstream writers who chose English as their medium)?
A. No… I feel cut off because I only write in English

GLF: There are numerous glitzy events packed by glitterati being celebrated in the country under the guise of literary festivals in up-market show places. What do you think about `Gateway Litfest’ and how is it different from such up-market events?
A. i don’t know yet

GLF: Your views on the dominant plot of storytelling in year 2018.
A. can’t say

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