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Nagpur boy to feature in India Book of Records

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NAGPUR: Twelve-year-old of Abhinav Thakur of Sanjuba High School (CBSE) scripted his name in the India Book of Records on Saturday after he successfully accomplished the record attempt of ‘Multiplying numbers in mathematical table’ in 2 minutes 88 seconds. The feat essentially involved multiplying any randomly given number up to 100 times in mathematical table pattern in the least time.

He followed the guidelines and criterion decided by India Book of Records.

A Std VII student, Abhinav is keenly interested in mathematics. Speaking to TOI after his record attempt, he said, “I was inspired to solve the mathematics problems speedily after attending Abacus classes.”

Jayashree Ghatbandhe, his Abacus teacher told TOI that Abhinav had traits of a genius since the beginning of the class and his speed of solving the mathematical problems was naturally better than his class mates.

She said, “Abhinav did in six months, what other students take one or two years to do. He is the most brilliant student I’ve come across.”

Abhinav did not think of improving his skills to create a record but he was interested in excellence and honing his expertise.

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