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Meet N Shamnad, the author-cum-seller

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Shamnad’s novel ‘Beeran Vithacha Vithu’ was released at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi by its president Vaisakhan.

Thrissur: Those who buy books from the street seller in front of the Sahitya Akademi in the city may get stunned after seeing the author’s photo on the back cover of the book. Only then they would realise that both the writer and seller are the same. The author-street seller is N. Shamnad.

The 32-year-old man was schooled only upto class 7 and completed SSLC privately. Good reading habit and the experiences in life are the only assets which makes him an author. Shamnad’s novel ‘Beeran Vithacha Vithu’ was released at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi by its president Vaisakhan.

Shamnad set his foot into the literary world with his debut work ‘Episode’, a collection of poems, in 2009. It was also released by Vaisakhan. Former mayor of Thrissur corporation Prof. R. Bindu later translated the book into English along with a preface by Sara Joseph. More than 4500 copies of the book were sold.

A large share of the money he earned through the sale of the book was donated to the Endosulphan victims and a charity organisation called ‘Solace’. The novel was published last week. Shamnad’s book is available nowhere else but only at his street shop.

Shamnad’s only livelihood is the book selling which was started by his father Nooruddeen, a Kalathodu native, in front of the Sahitya Akademi 35 years ago. Nooruddeen also runs another book stall at Swaraj Round.

Earlier, Shamnad’s brother Sayyed was assisting their father in book sales. But Shamnad had to discontinue his studies after the untimely death of Sayyed. Shamnad started reading books in order to pass time when there is no sale.

Shamnad also got ample opportunities to observe different types of persons during the street selling hours between 10 am and 7 pm. Some of the characters in his novel were the persons he observed in real life. The novel ‘Beeran Vithacha Vithu’ upholds the message of religious harmony.

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