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Manu Joseph shares his experience in being a writer @ SIBF

By November 7, 2017No Comments

Source : DC

Manu Joseph

Everyone likes stories but writing stories is never an easy task says Indo-English writer and Journalist Manu Joseph. He was taking part in the 36th edition of Sharjah International Book fair held at Sharjah Expo Centre. He opined that a storywriter need not be a saint but somebody who keep grudges secretly. He interacted with students at SIBF.

He said that even though he is not a fan of superficial stories he likes Harry potter series as it portrays Magic in its centre. He also opined that a writer need not understand the readers completely and he need not compromise for them as no writer can satisfy the whole world.


Manu added that there are two types of writing from him as journalist writing and literature writing differs. There are limits of words but a novelist doesn’t have word limit and each word he uses have deeper repercussions on the readers.

He answered to the student’s question that great writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alice Munro, J K Rowling have influenced him in writing.

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