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Maithili speaking course in Delhi for cultural connect

By February 5, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

In a bid to promote Mithila culture, the first-ever Maithili speaking course was flagged off in Delhi on Saturday, February 3, by Mithilalok Foundation, a non-governmental organisation working for socio-cultural and economic development of Bihar‘s Mithila region.


The cultural exchange project focuses on foreigners besides migrants interested in having and furthering the knowledge of Indian culture, more particularly that of Mithila where Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama, was born, said linguist Birbal Jha, Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation.

A rich language, Maithili was once described by linguist Sir George Abraham Grierson as the “sweetest language”.

The Foundation has developed a module for ‘Maithili Speaking Course’ which will enable others to know the language for different purposes and the vast culture Mithila boasts of.

“For livelihoods, people from Mithila belt, estimated to be roughly around 60 lakh, are living in Delhi-NCR. Children from such families besides others desirous of linguistic pursuits could be a another segment of target audience,” said Jha.
The newly-evolved spoken Maithili programme will endeavour not only to safeguard the cultural values and ethos of Mithila — and thereby India — but also egg on researches on Mithila Mimansa (student-teacher-interaction).
Ashok Jha, President of Mithila Vikas Parishad said the course will go a long way in cultural development of Mithila.


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