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Source : The Pioneer

Dehradun : A group named focused on local cinema, journalism and literature commemorated one year of its formation with a talk in Dehradun on Monday. The group aims to protect the history of Indian cinema and is active in highlighting the works of writers and directors with a link to Dehradun. Since its formation, the group has grown and has a presence on the social media and local scenario with about 400 members from various parts of India apart from Dehradun.

The talk session held on Monday began with life stories of Ruskin Bond, Varun Grover and other established writers connected to Dehradun and Mussoorie. When asked about whether Hollywood had affected viewership of Indian cinema, the group’s founder Manoj Panjani said, “It is a fallacy to consider that watching Bollywood movies is ‘uncool’. There is a huge fan base of youngsters who are fond of Indian cinema. Hollywood films, on the other hand, have not influenced the viewers strongly but we can say that they have tried to set their roots here. For this purpose they have released Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and various regional languages. Even that will not spread their influence much if only about 10 per cent of the population is influenced.”

Discussing the future plan of the group he informed that the group is planning to organise an old photograph exhibition in Dehradun which is from his collection of all the directors and writers which are rare to find

Sharing concern at the condition of literature in Dehradun, group member Anita Sabrawal said, “The government is doing nothing in order to promote works of local writers here.

There are no places where writers can sit and discuss any matter. It can be said that our city has zero development in the name of cultural activity.”

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