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Source : The Pioneer

Be it women-centric Bollywood feature film Pink Director Aniruddh Roy Chowdhary, veteran journalist and die-heart Hindi lover Rahul Dev who proclaimed English as his beloved, BJP government policy’s ruthless critic and Economist Jean Drèze or Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, all of them at the end of their respective sessions emerged with the fact that the youth of country and generations down the line bore immense potential and possibilities to take the society out of bad times, condition or shape.

The first of its kind literature festival in Ranchi by Tata Steel which started on Friday with discussion on the lessons we need to learn from our epics by Devdutt Pattnaik concluded on Saturday evening with readings and narration by Sharmila Tagore and songs by Soumyojit Das and Sourendro Mullick with each of the session in between discussing aspects of literature, cinema, sports, politics and affairs which have compelled society to change the way it used to look at certain things.

Discussing making and necessity of one of the equally successful movies among critic and on Box Office, Pink Director Aniruddh Roy Chowdhary said that the society as a whole apparently started recognizing potential of women which paved way for such stories to be put across the audience. Replying to a question on crime against women and how society needed to move ahead of remaining mere onlooker, Chowdhary cited example of one courageous mythological character from Ramayana, Jatayu, and said that every person is carrying a Jatayu in itself which needs to be recognized and used at right time.

Noted journalist Rajdeep Sardesai on the sidelines of the festival did believe that there were so many internal and ideological forces. “There are issues before the society which could hurt it in long run. Efforts of hiding certain truth about many things do exist. Credibility of media is at stake like never before. But as a whole, I do foresee rays of hopes popping up every now and there from one corner or the other,” said Sardesai.

Jean Drèze came as ruthless on government policies as usual, finding no balance between requirements of society as a whole in states like Jharkhand and said that despite couple of policies appearing pleasing to the people, they failed to cater to the mass of State. He said that government needed to relook its priorities and amend it according to local needs.

Remembering former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Congress leader and former Minister Jairam Ramesh tried to satisfy the audience with political acumen and understanding of social fabric of India and world.

He also recalled her as one of the most visionary politician and leader of her time, whose vision was somewhere relevant in even these days.

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