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Lessons on the write way, at a women writers’ workshop

By January 2, 2018No Comments

Source : The Telegraph


You just need to grab a pen and start writing! That was the lesson one learnt at the Women Writers Fest 2017, organised by She the People TV at The Saturday Club on December 8. Echoing sisterhood, women writers and publishers interacted with readers and fellow writers on a variety of subjects, urging everyone to read and write more. From sessions on gender issues in art to travel writing to a writing workshop, the day-long fest was a celebration of women, words and ideas.

Here’s what we picked up from the ‘Writing Workshop for Young Adults’, conducted by Richa Wahi, a creative writing instructor, in which students and parents took part with equal enthusiasm, trying to come up with interesting short stories.

• The three most important points for a short story are character, plot and setting.

• Your protagonist can be flawed. No one likes a perfect character which they can’t relate to.

• The solution to a story should always be multifold in your mind. This helps build perspective while writing.

• The ‘when’ and ‘where’ ground the story. Without a setting, the reader can never connect to the story.

• The journey is important but too many details may drag it, thus making the reader lose interest. Keep it detailed but precise.

• Believability is very important in a story because the reader always catches your bluff.

• Random objects and scenes should enhance your story, not drown it.




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