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GLF: Being a language writer, do you think you are not getting due recognition at the national level?
A. Yes, to some extent its true. But at the same time I realize that there are so many languages in India, it is very difficult to give proper importance to all language writers. For these lot of translation work is required which should be done both at the state and national level.

GLF: Can literature influence social life? Do you think a writer should be socially responsible?
A. Yes, literature all always has been influencing social life from time immemorial. For example, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have influenced our social life. A writer definitely should have some social responsibilities – his or her writing should have always some message for the society.

GLF: Can literary festivals make progressive changes to the language literature?
A. The main idea of literary fest is to bring together different language literature and exchange the thought, social condition and cultural venue of each state. I belong to Odisha and I do not know much about the literature of Kashmir or Manipur. If we writers meet through such literary fest we will be able to know what is being written in other languages and must appreciate the other language literature. These fests will add value to the world of vernacular literature through exchange of views and thoughts.

GLF: Did you ever felt ill-treated or deprived of your due for being a writer in vernacular languages (vis-à-vis the so called mainstream writers who chose English as their medium)?
A. I can not exactly say whether I have been ill-treated or deprived of my dues for being a writer in vernacular language but had I been writing in English the number of my readers would have been very large. I have written many stories about Railway’s life which are very much appreciated in Odisha. Railway is an all India subject. I feel had I written them in English I would have got a wider audience and these stories might have been acclaimed national appeal. So, these mainstream writers who chose English as there medium have edge over vernacular writers.

GLF: There are numerous glitzy events packed by glitterati being celebrated in the country under the guise of literary festivals in up-market show places. What do you think about `Gateway Litfest’ and how is it different from such up-market events?
A. The literary festivals organised in up-market places mainly focus on mainstream English or Hindi writers. Seldom are the vernacular writers the main attraction at such event. Some of our vernacular languages are very ancient and very rich, Gateway litfest has realized it and has done the needful. So, it is different from other up market events.

GLF: Your views on the dominant plot of storytelling in year 2018.
A. In my state, child trafficking is a big issue. I had already written some stories on this plot and planning to write some more in the year 2018. Another thing which disturbs me very much is the unsafe condition of women in our country. Every writer should try his or her best to influence the society about the safety and equality of women and of course about giving the due respect to third sex.

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