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I consider my books my ladies: Novoneel Chakraborty

By January 18, 2019No Comments

Source : Times of India


Author Novoneel Chakraborty says he considers his books his ladies and so, he is “extra possessive” about them.

His books The Stranger Trilogy are being adapted into web series by Applause Entertainment. It is a “surreal feeling” for him to see his words converted into a visual series.

“Unlike other authors who term their books as their kids, I consider my books my ladies. Hence, I am extra possessive/protective about them. The book and trilogy are very close to my heart… it gave me so much as a storyteller,” Chakraborty said in a statement.

“Also, the entire process from the book to the visual adaptation has been one amazing learning process working closely with Goldie (Behl) Sir and the entire team at Applause,” he added.

Chakraborty is known for his romantic thrillers. Marry Me, Stranger, All Yours, Stranger and Forget Me Not, Stranger are the three books which follow the life of the protagonist Rivanah.
Was there a particular scene or chapter from his book that he was worried about being converted to a scene?
“It has to be the prologue. After the release of the book, the prologue did manage to pull off some controversy (in a good way) among the readers because of the bold and controversial portrayal of a girl’s sexual emotions.
“Though it all adds up in the end, I was always anxious. If not worried, about how it will all look on screen. A sex scene, especially in India, is a very thin line. And rarely in our storytelling sex scenes have any major thought associated to it. The prologue had both. Hence, the on-screen telling became all the more critical. I’m happy with the result though,” he said.

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