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First India business literature festival: Bridging gap between readers and authors

By October 15, 2018No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

Authors of business literature were explaining chapters from their books to the audience during the one-day event.

Never let a book contain you, create your own story,” said professor Ajit Rangnekar, director general, research and innovation circle of Hyderabad, while speaking about the missing link in business literature. He was referring to the use of jargons in business literature, which usually drove people away from reading it and how business literature authors are now working on simplifying the language so that it is easier for a layman to understand the book.

He was one of the 19 speakers at the very first edition of the India Business Literature Festival, where top business authors each got 18 minutes to speak about their books or topic of interest, organised at the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP).

Authors of business literature were explaining chapters from their books to the audience during the one-day event. India business literature festival (IBLF), the brainchild of Sameer Dua, founder director of the institute for generative leadership and a best-selling business author; Aruna Katara, president, Hope Foundation and I2IT, engineering college in India; and, Anurag Batra, chairperson and editor-in-chief of BW BusinessWorld, saw around 600 keen students, readers and interested company representatives in the audience. Most of them met and also bought books of the various authors and enjoyed interacting with them in person.

“There are already a lot of literature festivals which take place in the country, but none really cover or have business literature. This is why we created a platform for business authors and business literature. The idea is to promote reading in the area of business, management and leadership, where there several books,” said

The sessions were divided into four clusters where each author would talk about his book or work in 18 minutes.

Sameer Dua spoke about the action-promises matrix; Vivek Kaul (author) spoke about Donald Trump and the exorbitant privilege of the American dollar; Anil Lamba (director, Lamcon and author) stressed on flirting with stock markets during the festival, while Raghunath Mashelkar (national research professor and president, global research alliance) spoke about innovation led growth. “There were mind blowing topics in the line-up where business literature will give you an insight into how a business shapes up. It is a story within a story which is fascinating and great that they were told at this festival,” said Mashelkar.

Speakers likeAmbi Parmeswaran (founder, ground and author) highlighted how learning on the job helped create better ideas during his advertising days while Arun Maira (chairman, HelpAge International and author) spoke about learning on the job with the Tata company. Each author added a personal story with each topic and made the sessions simpler and interesting for the audience.

The festival also saw Gita Piramal, author; Ninad Kirpe, strategy consultant; Prakash Iyer, author; Debashis Chatterjee, director, IIM, Kozhikode; Radhakrishnan Pillai, deputy director, Chankaya international institute of leadership studies and BB Ahuja, director, COEP, enthral the audience with insights into business writing and literature.

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