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Exploring new romance

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Author, serial entrepreneur and popular speaker, Sachin Garg talks about the release of his new book and his journey so far.

Mumbai Author

An engineer by education, this Mumbai-based author says this was definitely not the plan. It was an accidental career choice.

For 31-year-old Sachin Garg, writing was a gradual process. It was in college that he came across the concept of blogging. He says, “Facebook was not really there and if one really wanted to write something on the internet then blogging was the way to do it”. He started blogging and within a few months his blog got the attention. He adds, “Once the blog got attention, the next step was to take it further and write a book. I didn’t know anyone in the publishing industry nor did I know how to write a book.”

However, he picked up his laptop and started writing. “I wrote the book, took it to publishers and two days later I got a positive response,” he   adds. An engineer by education, this Mumbai-based author says this was definitely not the plan. It was an accidental career choice.

Inspiration for his book came from friends who are either getting married or are in relationships. Sachin says, “Opposites attracting can be a positive thing in some cases and negative in others. The main idea for the book came from the question — ‘Is it good or bad to be different in a relationship’.” The author also came across a genetic medical condition which either makes the person weak or very muscular.  He further adds, “This book talks about a girl who is wheelchair-bound and a boy who is very muscular. Their lives are different but they are connected by this condition.” The author has been getting rave reviews for his book. Before writing any book, Sachin spends about 15 to 20 hours planning and then going to his dedicated place to write. He adds, “If one wants to make a serious career out of writing then the attitude of I will write when I feel like it is very bad. I write for eight hours or until I run out of ideas. Once I’m done with the draft I give it to my ‘Beta Reader’ and then to the editor for feedback.” Indian writing has come a long way from what it was a few years ago. “Back then there were hardly any commercial writers. But now there are atleast a dozen people who are writing full time. Many books are being adapted into movies and I think these people will take the industry forward.”

Every writer at some point might experience a writer’s block. Sachin also suggests working on various projects so that one does not waste time on one book. People get the idea that authors are laid back and chilled out people, but this not true. He explains, “I and all my author friends work for 10 to 12 hours a day. So it’s definitely not a chilled out life.”

When his first book was released, his job at the time prevented him from promoting it. “I promoted the book through Facebook. No one at the office or at home knew that I was writing a book. It was only when a journalist requested an interview at home, did I tell my parents about
the book,” he says, adding, “They  thought that writing was a hobby. I got a stronger reaction from them only when I mentioned I wanted to quit my job. They supported me thoroughly but a hint of worry was still there.” He advices aspiring writers not to blame the system when  their book is not picked up but keep trying.

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