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Ever been spooked out? Yes? Then you can be a writer

By April 18, 2018No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

The Supernatural Story Contest by Penguin is calling for submissions, from those who’ve had experiences with spirits from the afterlife.


If you have had some paranormal experience, or if you have been a fan of the supernatural, then you stand a chance to share your story with several people. Penguin Random House India is inviting people to write their story if they have experienced the presence of their dear ones after the death.

And people are happy. “I am excited to hear about this opportunity, it will be cathartic. My grandfather died about three years ago. I still feel his presence around me. And I didn’t know how to deal with this overwhelming experience, until I heard about this contest. Now, I will be able to put my experience out there and that would be like taking it off my chest,” says Madhulika, an IT professional.

The Supernatural Story Contest, by Penguin is calling for submissions from those who have had real-life spooky experiences. To send in your entries, or know more, you can visit their website, here. “

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