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Durjoy Datta picks his reading list of women authors of 2018

By April 16, 2018No Comments

Source : HT Brunch

Bestselling romance author Durjoy Datta lists his top five for 2018



1. Pooja Bhatt


Even though I haven’t watched too many of her movies, I’m interested in reading about her life. Her untitled memoir is going to be dramatic for sure, and I think reading about a celebrity’s life is always intriguing – as to how they really are when the camera is off.

2. Zadie Smith


I’ve almost finished reading her new book of essays, Feel Free: Essays. I had read another book of hers before, Swing Time, as well as White Teeth and a little of On Beauty. She always has plenty of characters in her books and that’s something I’d like to learn from her to do.

3. Gurmehar Kaur


Her book Small Acts of Freedom seems very interesting and it’s the first book that I’m going to finish reading from this list. It’s a generational story of three women in one family who faced the world on their own terms.

4. K R Meera


Her new book should be out this year and I enjoyed Hangwoman so I’m waiting to read this one too. That book was set in the Kolkata suburbs and I felt that she must have had some Bengali influence in her life. Also, her covers are always really nice.

5. Jojo Moyes


Her book Me Before You was made into this crazy blockbuster movie and she’s a great romance novelist. Since I’ve read her last two books, the new one, Still Me, is part of that trilogy and so, I’m waiting to read it.

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