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Dr Krishna Saksena’s book ‘Whispers of Time’ unveiled

By July 2, 2019No Comments

Source : Business Standard

Dr Krishna Saksena today launched her new book ‘Whispers of Time’ at India International Centre in New Delhi.

The book was unveiled by Smriti Zubin Irani, Minister of Textiles and Minister of Women and Child Development.

Lady Kishwar Desai, renowned Author and Columnist, was also present at the event and she presented her comments on the Book and journey of Dr. Saksena.

‘Whispers of Time’ witnesses three generations in the author’s long life of ninety years in which she found a great difference. If the first was too strict and severe in clinging hard to traditions, the second had softened down to new values of love and helpfulness. In a way it was a beautiful world of togetherness. But this world soon dwindles into a world of selfishness and deceit. The series of events are developed in a powerful manner that makes the novel both real and revealing.

“In my last 3 generations, I witnessed the importance of money and how money rules the world. Through this book, I have tried to explain how cutting the throat of others and living a life of outward show and grand style is the fashion of today and I believe this book will be a practical eye-opener for the young generation”, said Dr Krishna Saksena.

“The book is a manifesto of women hood. You speak nonchalantly about the discrimination between a son and a daughter but you are not sad about it, you write in a way that says the daughter is waiting for the day when she is able to prove herself. The book is able to wrap regression with laughter; this shows the beauty of the writer’s skill and makes it distinguishable from others. I just hope we come together again on your 100th year Krishnaji to celebrate yet another book and yet another success”, said Smriti Zubin Irani.

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