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Divya Dutta: I still put old music, and pick up a book I want to read

By July 19, 2019No Comments

Source : Hindustan Times

Actor Divya Dutta, speaks about her best travel companion—books—and penning a book of short stories.

Childhood memories are something that stays with you forever, don’t they? And so is the case for the National award winning actor and author of Me and Ma—Divya Dutta— who shares her love for music, books, acting, comes courtesy her parents. “Whatever your parents do, you get conditioned to that. I remember my dad would put gramophone record, and would sit and read a book. And then once a week, we would go and watch a movie. Aadat par gayi jab se. I still put old music, and pick up a book that I want to read. It travels with you and kind of becomes your companion,” says the actor known for films such as Delhi-6(2009), Bhaag Milkha Bhaag(2013), Blackmail (2018).

Most often people shift to a kindle, but Dutta likes her reading the good ol’ style. “People do shift to kindle, but I do need my hard copy which I can hug it tight. It’s a beautiful relationship you have with the pages. Actors come with various moods. And suddenly, you’re like ‘Hey, I wanna read that’,” says Dutta, who has a habit of reading three books simultaneously, and is currently penning a book comprising of short stories and a memoir.

“I still once a while in my library will pick up a Mills and Boon. It’s nice to be in touch with how you began your reading and how you were glued onto it,” adds the actor who will next be seen in a film portraying a queer character on screen.

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