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‘Distorted interpretation of literature is dangerous’

By January 20, 2019No Comments

Source : Times of India

DHARWAD: Distorted interpretation and review of literature spells danger to creative writing and is a grave injustice to the writer, said noted writer Baraguru Ramchandrappa.

Delivering the keynote address after inaugurating the seventh edition of Dharwad Sahitya Sambhrama at Golden Jubilee Auditorium of Karnatak University here on Friday, he said distorted interpretation was causing damage not only to literature but also to culture, religion and Indianism.

“Literary criticism is not fair in the sense it is following a sort of ‘Varnashrama’ system. Here ‘Varnashrama’ does not mean the traditional classification of people on caste lines and looking down upon the people of certain castes but being biased against the progressive writers who write in a simple style,” Baraguru said.

“The critics view progressive literature and writings by women casually and do not take their works into consideration while reviewing the works. According to them popular literature is not worth reviewing and hence keep it away from the purview of criticism. This tendency is not healthy,” he said.

Referring to remarks that Indian literature lacks Indian perspective, Baraguru said Indian culture is plural with wide varieties of language, culture, food habits and practices and literature reflects all these.

Taking a dig at writers speaking like the spokespersons of particular political parties, Baraguru said writers should have commitment to principles but that commitment should not go to the extent of campaigning for a party or a politician.

He also expressed concern over language being made a tool to abuse somebody and increasing polarization in the society.

“We should develop a social and political mind-set that respects the freedom of the people to live and it will be a real
celebration if such a society is created,” Baraguru said.

Dharwad Sahitya Sambhrama Trust president Raghavendra Patil welcomed the gathering. Late critic Giraddi Govindraj’s wife Saroja inaugurated the book exhibition while M M Kalburgi’s wife Umadevi inaugurated a photo exhibition of Giraddi Govindraj.


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