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Comic book series on ‘Superhero’ Dara Singh to motivate youth in Punjab

By September 1, 2018No Comments

Source : Times of India

The heroic exploits of legendary Dara Singh, in the ring and outside it, would soon come in a graphic avatar as a comic book series is set to be launched on the wrestling icon’s life. Graphic artist George Emmanual, speaking to over the phone from Mumbai, said Dara Singh was as ‘institution’ known across the globe for his achievements in wrestling as well as the film industry.

“The motive behind the launch of the comic book series, particularly in Punjab, is related to the rising drug menace among youth. The comic books would motivate youth and children on how to exercise, proper diet, and valuable tips to keep the body fit and fine,” Emmanual said.

The son of the wrestler, Vindu Dara Singh, may introduce the comic series first in Punjab in November close to his father’s birth anniversary, he said. Dara Singh was born on November 19, 1928.

Tips for achieving a fit and muscular physique would also there in these comics, he said. Eye-catching sketches of the sturdy Dara Singh in the comic series will motivate children to workout, Emmanual said.

“The dialogues will be by Mumbai-based Maruk, who is a renowned dialogue writer,” he said

Dara Singh defeated renowned and powerful competitors in the field of wrestling which put him in limelight worldwide, Emmanual said adding all this would be a part of the narrative in these comics.

Dara Singh’s childhood in the village where he a considerable time will feature in the stories which will show how friendly and generous he was with his childhood friends.

Emmanual was asked about the idea behind the comic book series. “I had an idea which was discussed with Vindu Dara Singh who was happy to know that a comic series book could be introduced about the life of his late father,” Emmanual said.

Indian youth need role models like Dara Singh, a pure Punjabi at heart, and it would help in keeping them away from drug addiction, he added. Dara Singh would be depicted as a superhero in the comics, Emmanual said.

The legendary wrestler had earned the title ‘Rustom-e-Hind’ in his life time, he added. “The work on illustration was on at warfooting for the last nine months with high-end computer techniques. Free on-line access would also be provided,” Emmanual said.

Telling about his past experience, Emmanual said earlier he had developed a graphic novel based on the life of Sikh warrior Hari Singh Nalwa, which he claimed was a unique do graphic documentation on the Sikh general and how he used weaponry in battles.

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