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Career chances in Literature? Words to your rescue

By August 1, 2018No Comments

Source : DNA

We often worry about the career possibilities of a person when a Literature degree is added to his/her qualification. Especially when the qualification is a Master’s degree.

Ten years ago, if someone would’ve asked me what the career possibilities for people who have done their Master’s in Literature are, I’d picture that person turning into one of those struggling writers who run from publisher to publisher asking them to edit and publish the book/s.

To be very honest, Literature is much more than that. Having been a Literature student myself, I know how most people still regard it as an unconventional field. However, these days there are myriad options to choose from as far as career possibilities are concerned.

Social Media 

It could come as a surprise to you but it’s true. Writing on and for social media platforms is a prolific career these days. Social media s a platform is ever booming and it  connects millennials across the globe. Many bloggers hire people to curate content based on their photos or their experiences. People often use social media as a platform to showcase their work and have accounts simply dedicated to writing. Once they become  famous, offers from publishers also start pouring in.

Travel Blogger 

A career in travel should be your thing if you wish to club your passion and qualification. Travel writing is fast growing as a career option. There are several people out there who are always travelling. They narrate their experience mostly on personal blogs. If you are successful, you get featured in various travel magazines including NatGeo. All you have to do is travel (your passion) and write about your experience (your educational qualification). Multiple brands, restaurants, hotels, etc also ask people to freelance and try their services, in exchange for an article on the experience. Very often, this is paid.


The most common career option for anyone who’s graduated in Literature. Teaching is a very diverse field and contrary to popular belief,  not an easy feat. As someone who has done masters in Literature, you can teach in schools and colleges. There are a plethora of subjects you can explore, such as, English, Literature or Creative Writing, and other Humanities courses. It varies from institute to institute and also your area of expertise.


The media industry is always looking out for people with a good command over languages, mostly for editorial posts.  Both print and digital formats are thus rife with job opportunities.

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