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Source : The Pioneer

Art Historian BN Goswami on Tuesday released Amardeep Singh’s second book on the legacy of Panjabis, The Quest Continues: Lost Heritage-The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan here.

The book documents the extensive legacy of Panjab’s heritage in Pakistan, which ex-American Express executive Amardeep Singh has chronicled.

His first book took him four years of research and 36 days trip into Pakistan which he travelled, exploring the hitherto forgotten monuments of Indian rich culture and photographed them.

The second book “The Quest Continues: Lost Heritage-The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan “ was completed in just nine months and nine days, says Amardeep Singh, for which he travelled to Pakistan for 40 days from Balauchistan to Peshawar to Sindh and discover forgotten facets of the Indian culture, Amardeep said.

These are not the books but my rich experience to showcase and make the younger generation understand the richness and diversity of culture and how the people living across the border are so closely connected with their roots as human beings, he remarked.

He shared as to how the people in Sindh and Balauchistan still follow Nanakpanthi where all religions congregate and the practice is into Nanak’s teachings and they follow Guru Granth Saheb in their lives.

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