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Author KC Agrawal enlightens readers in India in Chaos, Only Judiciary Can Save

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New Delhi , Oct 8 : Renowned author K. C. Agrawal’s forthcoming book, India in Chaos, Only Judiciary Can Save lay hands on the challenges and issues India confronts today and demonstrates why the judiciary is key in bringing an accountable system of governance.

The author is an electrical engineer and senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA and has had more than 33 years of experience in different capacities – in academics, PSUs, and multinationals.

Agrawal had written several books on issues India is facing on multiple fronts. His previous works include, “Shaping India of Our Dreams” and “Industrial Power Engineering and Applications Handbook” which were greatly acclaimed worldwide.

The book, written in three parts, makes a deep introspection into the various factors hampering India’s progress and attempt at comprehensive diagnosis of maladies and their total cure. It provides a unique opportunity to transform the nation by establishing governments that are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of fulfilling the ‘basic objectives’ of the Constitution.

Today people look at the judiciary as a bulwark against executive excesses and legislative caprice. Agarwal believes that since the judiciary is the custodian, final arbiter and implementer of the Constitution it must rise to the occasion and set all wrongs right.

The book is a rare interpretation of India’s Constitution. Part I of the book tells how we have failed in these 71 years of our independence. Part 2 talks about the making of India’s Constitution and the causes of our failures. In Part 3 the author provides unique and holistic development plans and road-maps to accomplish unbounded progress of the nation and happiness for our people.

The depth of the research and the ideas presented in this book explains how we can make the nation amongst the most prosperous and powerful in the world. This single volume reference source is a rarity in today’s times and will be a great value for readers. It’s must read for everyone.

Some of the reviews are:

“Mr. K. C. Agrawal’s book is an eye opener for all. The book is useful for all strata of our society and our guardians – Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. I would want the book be read by large people of the country. Indeed the time comes to implement the Constitution,” said Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of India.

“Mr. K. C. Agrawal is an Engineer by Profession but a lawyer by choice. He told us about what the country has lost and what can be redeemed out of it,” said Justice T.S. Thakur, former Chief Justice of India.

“The book must be read by all students, general or law who will find useful knowledge in every chapter to make them matured citizens of India,” said Ram Jethmalani.

“India in Chaos, Only Judiciary Can Save” will be published by Knowledge Books Inc, Noida. It will be released in the month of November.

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