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The winner of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Yuva Sahitya Puraskar 2016 for the poetry collection titled ‘Sulus’, Anwesha Singbal from Goa doesn’t call herself a writer – trait of her non-conformist nature. She had earlier bagged Yuva Chaitanya Puraskar of Goa Konkani Academy in 2014. She considers herself a worker of Konkani before being a writer. Anwesha who immersed in journalism and student movements soon after she completed her law studies discovered her zeal for helping make the society a better place and has been making great contributions ever since.

As a creative entrepreneur, Abhinav Creationz, her business allows her to be amongst books, amongst children and amongst her passion of reading and writing. Apart from organising book exhibitions for children across several schools in Goa, AC conducts special vacation camps for the children. Titled as ‘Majja’, it is a festival where young children are drawn into various activities like drawing, theatre, music and craft. A storyteller herself, Anwesha derives her creative energy from the tiny tots she continues to inspire almost every day.

Two books of poetry, ‘Sulus’ and ‘Padsad’, a children’s book ‘Daant’ and several translations of children’s books to her credit, there’s a lot more that she plans on doing. For the immediate future, another book on poems, a book on the lives of cancer survivors and a book on her career related experiences is on the cards.

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